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All Info About Auto Repair: Maintenance & Repair
All Info About Auto Repairs
Your One Stop Source For All The Information You Need For Your Vehicles.

Maintenance & Repair

How to maintain, troubleshoot and repair your vehicles yourself.

Do It Yourself Service Manuals
Maintenance Trouble Shooting

Articles & Resources
Top 10 Maintenance Do It Yourself Jobs
The ten most common Maintenance DIY jobs such as changing your oil, filters, spark plugs etc...
Buying A Back To School Car
How to find a good, back to school car for your son or daughter.
Cleaning Throttle Bodies
A basic solution to a common problem.
Engine Tune-Up 2003
Is the tune-up dead? Do we still need to tune-up our cars and engines? The answer in a word is YES!
Gas Saving Tips and Suggestions
With the rising price of gasoline, some practical ways we can stretch out our gas dollars.
How Much Is Enough?
Is your car costing too much to repair? What can you do about it?
How To Prepare Your Car For Vacation
What you need to do to prepare your car for a warm weather road trip.
Index To Illustrations
Complete index of automotive diagrams and illustrations used on the Auto Repair web site.
Lowering Vehicle Repair Costs
Getting your car repaired is inevitable. Here are some suggestions on how to control the cost of those repairs.
Maintaining Your New Car
With low financing and big rebates being offered by car makers, new cars are rolling off the lots in record numbers. If you took advantage of this offer then you'll want to read this.
Scan Tool Diagnostics
The check engine light came on and your car has OBD II. Does this mean you're going to have to spend big bucks to find out what's wrong? Maybe not, if you have the right tools.
Storing Your Car
Classic car enthusiasts usually go through a driving season of two or four months and then store the car for eight to ten months. Or maybe you have a home up north and move south for the winter.
Taking Care Of Your Bug
On July 30th, 2003 the last Classic Volkswagen Beetle rolled of the assembly line in Mexico. If I had to pick the one greatest car ever built it would be the Beetle. It was versatile, durable, easy to work on and fun to drive.
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