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    I get a lot of E-Mail everyday with questions that go from one end of a car to the other. This week I thought I would feature some of those questions that are the most common or are relevant to a large number of people.
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Dear Auto Repair Guide,

The problem I'm having with my cars is the blinkers. Over the last year I have noticed that they have been blinking slower and slower and last week they stopped working all together. Do you have any idea what has happened?

Blinkless in Biloxi

Dear Blinkless,

I'm willing to bet that you have run out of blinker fluid. Not too many people know that the blinker fluid should be changed every 30,000 blinks or once a year, whichever comes first. I would check the blinker fluid reservoir and top it off with some fresh blinker fluid and that should get you blinking again.


Hey Auto Guy!!!

I have a 1972 Chevy Impala and I want to turn it into a low-rider. I put in all the hydraulics and I can get it to bounce six feet into the air, but I need to lower the whole car about four inches. What's the best way for me to do this?

Bouncing in Brooklyn

Dear Bouncing,

You can buy a kit especially designed to lower any car by about four inches. It costs about $20.00 and you can get it almost anywhere. The kit consists of four, 10-penny nails and a claw hammer. You install one nail in the side of each tire with the hammer and it will immediately lower the car. It is a very simple kit to install and will only take about 15 minutes to install.


Hello Vince,

I'm having a problem with the muffler on my car. It's been getting louder and louder and recently it has started to rattle really bad. Is there something I can do to fix it myself?

Rumbling in Roanoke

Dear Rumbling,

It sounds to me like you have a bad muffler bearing. This is a very common thing to go bad and will give you the symptoms you describe. They are not hard to replace at all and I would suggest getting a heavy-duty muffler bearing to replace it with. They will last you about 200,000 miles.

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