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A Lesson On How To Get A Car Out Of The Snow
Next time you get stuck in the snow and these guys stop to help, just say "Thanks, but I think I'll wait for spring to arrive".
A Sign Of The Times
The sign says it all....
A Funny Merecedes Benz Commercial
Blondes.... Gotta love 'em...
America's Car Show
I'm very pleased to announce that through a special arrangement you can now listen to Tom Torbjornsen's LIVE right here every Saturday from 12:00 to 2:00 pm.
An Eyewitness Account Of A Traffic Accident
Don't mess with a car full of old ladies.
Award Winning Honda Car Commercial
If all commercials were like this, no one would mind them.
If you are a blonde and have an emergency there is always BlondeStar.
Cars and Windows
What If Microsoft Built Cars...
Citroën C4 Car Commercial
A very innovative commercial from Citroën, a vehicle made in the UK and no longer imported to the US. It is based on the Transformers cartoons and it is very well done.
Classic Car Commercial
A very interesting commercial, but definitely not for the weak of heart.
Don't Let This Happen To You!
Don't get ripped off like this poor girl.
Electric Car vs Ferrari
Can an electric car beat a Ferrari or a Porsche on the quarter mile?
Featured Readers Questions
I get a lot of E-Mail everyday with questions that go from one end of a car to the other. This week I thought I would feature some of those questions that are the most common or are relevant to a large number of people.
How Cold Is It?
How does temperature affect people and cars?
Oil Change Instructions
Instructions for men and women on changing their oil.
Shop Equipment
New Kind Of Jack Stands?
The Bird
Don't you wish your car could do this?
Top 20 Ways Microsoft Would Change The Auto Industry
Here are the Top 20 ways Microsoft would change the auto industry.
What Old People Do For Fun
Guess ya gotta do something to keep yourself entertained....
What If People Bought Cars Like They Buy Computers?
General Motors doesn't have a help line for people who don't know how to drive, because people don't buy cars like they buy computers, but imagine if they did....
Who Wants to Be an Auto Mechanic?
Do you think you have what it takes to be a Professional Mechanic? Take these quizzes and find out.
Bulls Balls
The most unusual two pound vehicle accessory in the world. No respectable truck should be without a set. Hang a pair of these "balls" under your rig and watch people - watch you... drive by!
Car Talk Radio
A tongue in cheek look at auto repairs. Listen to Tom and Ray, also known as Click and Clack fix everything in sight.
Here you'll find Pedal Pumping videos and pictures of sexy young girls who got stuck hopeless with their car, jeep, SUV or van in mud, snow, sand, clay or wet grass.
How to Replace the Brakes
What happens when a Software Engineer, a Hardware Engineer and a Departmental Manager have car trouble.
Jay Leno's Garage
"Want to know what's really wrong with this country? Step into my shop on any given day and you'll know."
Bumper Sticker Humor
Funny bumper stickers.
The Goodyear Blimp
Goodyear blimps have adorned the skies as very visible corporate symbols of the tire and rubber company that began operations in 1898.
Why Everyone Should Drive an Old Car
When you drive an old car, you're paying attention. You're actually driving. You're physically involved in the experience.
Why I Like 'em Older
Sometimes there's nothing like an old car.

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