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Automotive Emergencies: Part 1

    We all know how important it is to have a basic knowledge of first aid in an emergency, but how many of you know first aid for an automotive emergency?
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We all know it is important to have, at least, basic knowledge of first aid in the event of an injury. The purpose of first aid is to keep a person as comfortable as is possible until proper medical attention can be obtained. At home, first aid is short term since proper medical care is just a 911 call away. But if you are out camping in the middle of one of our great national parks, first aid will have to function as a long-term way of keeping someone comfortable and functioning.

Try, if you will, to think of your vehicle as an accident victim when it breaks down. Naturally since it is not a living person, you can walk away from it without too much concern. You can sit there until the ambulance… tow truck… comes to take it to the hospital… the repair shop… and the doctor… technician… can attend to it.

According to Murphy's Law, your vehicle won't break down while it's sitting in your driveway or in front of your house. Statistically the time you will have problems with your vehicle is in the middle of an intersection or on a trip a long way from home.

Okay, so we can't put a sling on the car when it gets a flat or put a bandage on the battery so we can get it to the nearest repair shop, but with a basic knowledge of automotive first aid we may be able to keep it going long enough to get it to a mechanic.

Anyone, male or female, can do the repairs that a broken down car needs, in order to get it to a repair shop. Some of those repairs can even fix the problem for good. In any event, some basic knowledge of automotive first aid will help you from being stranded.

Naturally there will be some breakdowns that you will not be able to repair. But even if you understand the symptoms and the cause of the break down it can be a help. An unscrupulous mechanic will be less likely to rip you off if he thinks you know what you're talking about.

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