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Taking Care Of Your Bug

Recently the last Classic Volkswagen Beetle rolled of the assembly line. If I had to pick the one greatest car ever built it would be the Beetle. It was versatile, durable and fun to drive.
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Recently I have seen the passing of an old friend, the Classic Volkswagen Beetle. I'm not talking about the new, sanitized, updated modern beetle, but the beetle that won the hearts of millions and brought fun and joy to many a kit car builder. I have maintained and repaired more of these cars than any other car on the road. They were a joy to work on and very forgiving. They would take almost any kind of abuse and keep running. I had one customer who drove from Miami Florida to Trenton New Jersey on, literally, three cylinders. He had one cylinder break the cylinder bolts off and the whole cylinder came off and fell out. But the little Bug kept on going.

Besides being easy to work on, they were just plain fun to drive. The rear engine design put weight on the rear drive wheels and the big 15" wheels and tires gave them great stability. And the really cool thing about the Bug was that it floated. I have seen people turn there Bug into an amphibian and drive them down a boating ramp and right into the Great South Bay of Long island.

Besides being a cheap and easy driver, they had another use. They were a great platform for kit cars. The most popular of which were dune buggies. So called because they were used for driving on the dunes of a beach. If you didn't want to build your own, you could buy a kit or have it built for you. Here is an old ad from Dean Jefferies offering custom dune buggies built on the Bug platform.

Taking Care Of Your Bug

As a tribute to their versatility, popularity and durability, there are still hundreds of thousands of these little Bugs on the road today. There are many Bug fans that have formed clubs and restore and race these little Buggers.

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