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Maintaining Your New Car

With 0% financing for up to 60 months and "Employee Pricing" being offered by car makers, new cars are rolling off the lots in record numbers. If you took advantage of this offer then you'll want to read this.
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You have a nice shiny brand new car. You are really proud of it and you've been showing it off to your neighbors, friends and co-workers. When you get in it you drink in that new car smell and you just want to drive it somewhere, anywhere, just to enjoy that smooth new car ride. As you roll along you wish that it could stay new for as long as you own it. You dread the day you get that first door ding parked at the mall. Unfortunately it won't stay new. The miles will quickly add up, that new car smell will fade and then it will become like an old friend.

It may not stay new, but there are many things you can do to keep it like new. Some are easy to do and some a little more difficult. With new car prices the way they are today most people are hanging on to their cars longer and longer. This makes maintenance more important than it used to be. With a regular, planed maintenance schedule you'll get many trouble free miles out of that new car and you get the most out of your investment.

The best place to start a maintenance program is by reading your owners manual. In it you will find the manufacturers recommended maintenance schedule. This is based on "normal" driving. Well take it from me; no one drives "normally." The roads we drive on are dusty, dirty and strewn with potholes and speed bumps. Use the manufacturers recommended maintenance schedule as a starting point for your planed schedule, not the end of it. Here are my recommendations based on my years of experience maintaining and repairing all types of cars and trucks.

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