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Maintaining Your New Car
With low financing and big rebates being offered by car makers, new cars are rolling off the lots in record numbers. If you took advantage of this offer then you'll want to read this.
Maintenance - Battery
The battery is a common source of breakdown on the road. A battery that fails will prevent the owner from cranking and starting the car.
Repair and performance tips on a wide variety of Chrysler, Plymouth, Dodge, and DeSoto cars, including squads and export models.
Change Your Clocks, Change Your Wiper Blades
Daylight savings time is often utilized as a reminder for important biannual maintenance such as cleaning out air vents and changing smoke detector batteries. Though often overlooked, wiper blade inspection and change should also be considered an important item on the daylight savings checklist.
Fred's Garage
This site lists common sick car symptoms and their cures. The "How to take care of your car" page explains that auto maintenance is not the same for every car and every
Litt's Overheating Hypothesis
Steve Litt has complied a list of technical sites on the net.
Maintenance - Air Filter
Air has a great deal of abrasive particles, which must be prevented from entering the engine.
Maintenance - Belts
Belts should be checked on a regular basis (about once a month). In general, you should be on the look out for worn, glazed or frayed belts.
Maintenance - Brake Fluid
If this fluid isn't any good, the other fluids in the car doesn't matter.
Maintenance - Cooling system
Engine coolants keep them from overheating. Check the coolant level in your radiator every time you check your oil.
Maintenance - Exhaust
The muffler is an oval-shaped or cylindrical component made from coated and aluminized steel or stainless steel.
Maintenance - Gas Tank
If there's nothing wrong with your car, you can save a couple of dollars if you pick self-serve and do it yourself.
Maintenance - Lights
There are three basic types of headlights used on automobiles today: standard sealed beam, halogen sealed beam, and composite.
Maintenance - Motor Oil
The secret to keeping your car in good running condition is by making sure your engine is full of clean oil.
Maintenance - Shock Absorbers
Whenever you inspect the suspension system, you should test the shock or struts.
Maintenance - Tires
The best way to maintain your tires is to buy an inexpensive tire pressure gauge.
Maintenance - Transmission Fluid
The lubricant must be at the correct level or the transmission parts could wear out in a very short time.
Maintenance - Washer Fluid
The windshield washer system must have enough windshield washer fluid to properly clean the windshield.
Maintenance - Windshield Wipers
Wiper blades should be replaced at least once per year, and more often if smearing or chattering occurs.
Preventative Maintenance Check List
A handy checklist to help you keep your car in shape.
Preventive Maintenance
Preventive maintenance may be a dirty subject in some people’s minds, but it’s a perfectly acceptable and politically correct means of keeping vehicles in good running condition.
Replacing Trico Wiper Blades
To view a specific video clip, simply click on the film strip for your vehicle's arm type and the brand of the blade you purchased. The video will automatically download.

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