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All Info About Auto Repair: Motor Oils
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Motor Oils

You've heard that motor oil is the life blood of your car. Well, it is. Like blood, there are many types of oil.

Articles & Resources
Bargain Oil Changes
Are bargain oil changes really a bargain? There's at least one person who says no.
Bargain Oil Changes - A Rebuttal
A fast oil change owner gives a rebuttal...
Bargain Oil Changes - A Rebuttal II
Another Quick Lube Owner has his say.
Changing Your Oil Properly
The best way to protect the investment you've made in your vehicle is through proper maintenance.
All About Lubricants
What do those numbers and letters on the label mean? Look here and find out.
Contains information about Amsoil corporation, online product store, dealer support, news and other developments.
API Used Motor Oil Collection and Recycling
If you recycle just one gallon of used oil it can generate enough electricity to run the average household for almost 24 hours.
Castrol USA
Has information about motor oil use and maintenance, as well as information about racing sports and, of course, the companies products.
J. B. Chemical Co. Inc.
Manufacturer of the KEM-O-PRO® line of Automotive, Marine and Industrial Care Products.
Kendall Motor Oil Online
Kendall markets a broad range of quality lubricants to the Passenger Car Motor Oil and Heavy Duty Engine Oil segments.
Mobil Oil
Ever wonder what the "W" means in 10W-30 oil? When should you use 5W-30 or 15W-50?
More Motor Oil FAQ's
The most commonly asked questions about the life blood of your car.
More Than You Ever Wanted to Know About Motor Oil
Choosing the best motor oil is a topic that comes up often in discussions.
Motor Oil: Broken or Worn Out?
You have never been told that your car's motor oil is broken, yet you're always being told to change it -- why?
Pennzoil Home Page
This site is dedicated to the loyal customers of Pennzoil, a worldwide leader in consumer automotive products and vehicle care.
One of the leading makers of motor oils and lubricants.
Wynn Oil Company
Wynn Oil manufactures and markets specialty chemicals and equipment for the automotive industry.
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