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All Info About Auto Repair: Car Care
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Car Care

Links and articles on how to keep your vehicles looking like new.

Articles & Resources
Auto Service Contracts
Buying a car? You also may be encouraged to buy an Auto Service Contract to help protect against unexpected, costly repairs. While it may sound like a good idea, don't buy in until you understand both the terms of the contract and who is responsible for providing the coverage.
Repairing Paint Chips
The moment you have been dreading has arrived. You have to go to the mall in your beautiful, expensive, brand new car.
Storing Your Car
Classic car enthusiasts usually go through a driving season of two or four months and then store the car for eight to ten months. Or maybe you have a home up north and move south for the winter. Here's what you need to know about storing your car.
Winterizing Your Car
Winter is just around the corner. Read this for some ways to get your car ready for the cold weather ahead.
3M Car Care Products
For nearly a century, 3M has been revolutionizing the professional automotive refinishing market. From the landmark developments of masking tape and wet sanding paper in the 1920s, to the high technology refinishing formulations of today, 3M products have remained the overwhelming choice of body shop professionals.
Auto Detailing - Cleaning Wheels and Tires
Wheels come in many styles, including clear-coated aluminum, polished aluminum, chromed steel, painted steel and spoked. No matter what variety you have, brake dust and road grime make them difficult to clean.
Automotive Care
The information that is now in your hands is based on over one million miles of driving and countless hours of research and experience.
Bath Time: Car Washing Tips
Car enthusiasts wash their cars to keep them looking pristine, but also to help their cars retain their showroom finish for maximum value at resale time.
Car Covers
Car covers can help protect your car parked in the great outdoors from the damaging effects of ultraviolet radiation, acid rain, bird droppings, wind borne particles, sun fading, the claws of animals and even the prying eyes of thieves.
Cleaning Engines
Why should you clean the engine compartment? Rust prevention, early oil/fluid leak detection, early belt wear detection and cosmetics are among the prime reasons.
Cleaning Paintwork
Cleaning your paint does not mean washing your car, it means removing oxidation and contaminants, adding emollient oils back into the paint and smoothing out the surface of the paint.
Convertible Tops
There are two basic styles of convertible, cabriolet or soft tops. Most American cars, Japanese cars and Targa Tops are a vinyl impregnated or vinyl coated canvas.
Detailing Your Car
It's the Great American Ritual-washing the car. You get your bucket of soapy water and a sponge, fire up the garden hose and go to work.
English Custom Polishing
All your polishing needs are filled here. Products, prices, online sales, services, tips, custom message boards, photos and links. Updated and expanded. Great site.
How to Properly Care for your Cars Wheels
Many automated car washes use an acid to clean the wheels and tires. This acid cleaner will rapidly remove dirt, but may also attack the clear coat on many wheels. The result is a cloudy, whitish or dull appearance.
Interior Car Care
Today's eat-on-the-run lifestyle can be murder on your car interior. Now there are cleaners made specifically for automotive interiors.
Leather Care
The care and feeding of the leather and the vinyl components of your automotive interior are two very different processes. If you are using one product on both, that is somewhat like using gasoline as a lubricant.
The World's Finest Surface and Car Care Products and Accessories!
Preserving Your Car's Paint Finish
Even 'clear coat' paint finishes need the protection afforded by periodic waxing -- and, of course, so do so-called "conventional" (regular enamel and lacquer) paint finishes.
Simple Green
Simple Green Automotive Cleaner/Degreaser is for professionals and conscientious car owners that need a powerful degreaser.
Tires, Rubber, And Vinyl Protection
There are two main degrading agents that attack tires and rubber trim. They are UV light waves and ozone.
New technology developed for the aviation industry keeps your car cleaner and stops the waxing cycle forever!
Turtle Wax
Turtle Wax® has been the leader in car care products for over 50 years.
Vehicle Upholstery
You don't need a new car for a new look.
Why You Need to Wax and Polish Your Car?
One way to ensure that your vehicle retains its value is through regular waxing and polishing of the car’s finish.
Warranty Direct
Celebrate with us at we enter our 26th year in business. Now covering vehicles with up to 75,000 miles!
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